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Security and Encryption for Your Remote Legal Proceeding

Throughout this past year at Fortz Legal, we have learned, adapted, and created a method for helping all of our clients conduct their remote legal proceedings with ease. Though none of us could have anticipated the hand we would be dealt going into 2020, we are feeling more confident than ever that we will continue to provide the utmost support for our clients as we navigate a remote world in 2021. Yet even though this remote environment is normal for so many of us, it can still be difficult to put full trust in what technology offers. So, we wanted to take the time to deliver the knowledge that we have collected regarding the privacy and security that videoconferencing platforms, like Zoom, offer to us and our clients.

Zoom security and encryption

Security measures you can take

Continue ensuring privacy and security for your remote legal proceeding by taking these steps:

1. Do not publicly share the link or meeting information through social media. However, if you or another participant does accidentally (or purposefully) share this information, Zoom is prepared with an “At-Risk Meeting Notifier” tool which “scans posts on public social media sites and other public online resources for Zoom Meeting links”.

2. Do not share your Zoom username or password with others.

3. When in a meeting, keep your mic and video muted and off unless you need to be seen or heard. This will ensure nothing confidential is shared with other participants in the meeting.

We are here to support you

In addition to the secure technology and the steps taken by you, personally, a Fortz Legal support expert is also on stand-by at all times when you schedule your remote legal proceeding with us. We are prepared to ensure the most secure connection for you and all parties and to troubleshoot any issues that you may have. Even if you show up looking like a cat – we are ready to combat this issue before you become a worldwide sensation.

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