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Engaging an Exhibit Technician for Your Remote Legal Proceedings

During remote proceedings, the exhibit display is entirely virtual. Make this process easier by working with a professional exhibit technician to assist with electronic evidence display during remote depositions, hearings, arbitrations, and trials!

While our previous article talks about the general benefits of an exhibit technician for in-person legal proceedings, this article discusses the specific benefits of an exhibit technician when your proceeding is remote.

Our professional exhibit technicians are experts in every court approved videoconferencing system: Zoom, Skype, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and Bluejeans. The primary role of our consultants is to support the technology and exhibit display during the remote legal proceeding. We utilize the best-in-the-industry trial presentation software to seamlessly display your evidence. In addition to trial presentation software, our technicians create demonstratives such as timelines, animations, diagrams, and graphs. We also create opening and closing PowerPoints to ensure your evidence is presented in the best light possible. Prior to the remote proceeding, our technicians work with the legal team to ensure each participant has an optimal audio/visual connection to the videoconferencing system and ensure that they can confidently navigate through the interface.

The smooth execution of the exhibit display, with the help of our exhibit experts, might just make the difference for your case. When it comes to remote depositions, a few benefits of an exhibit technician are as follows:

  • No more sharing potential exhibits with other parties prior to the deposition.

  • No need to ship paper documents across the country.

  • No longer feel disorganized with your documents.

  • No more distractions from your questions caused by issues with technology.

  • No new software to download or learn.

The use of a professional exhibit technician during your next legal proceeding will be sure to impress the judge and give opposing counsel something to strive for. Hiring our professional remote exhibit technician is the smartest step that you can take for your case.

Call Fortz Legal at 844.7320.4066 today to learn more about how we can support your next trial!

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