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Professional Trial Services

“We can make a good case GREAT!”

At Fortz Legal, we see it as our own mission to give clients peace of mind as they step into the courtroom. Our goal is to show your evidence in the best light possible through the use of demonstratives, timelines, PowerPoint and trial technology software.


Our consultants are not just “button pushers,” we are highly trained and experienced consultants that are an intricate part of your trial team. We have a deep understanding of trial logistics and procedure and our clients consistently lean on us for trial strategy.

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Prior to trial, our consultants can help in all facets of trial preparation. This includes building the trial database, developing the PowerPoint presentation to be used during Opening Statement, graphic design of demonstratives and timelines, preparing impeachment clips, and video clips of witnesses who are testifying via their video deposition.

During the course of trial, our consultants will manage the loading and coding of information/data in the Trial Presentation Database. This includes all documents, exhibits, video, audio, animations, native files (i.e. Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations, Animations), deposition transcripts and any other demonstratives you need to effectively present your case. Our consultant will design the courtroom with high-tech audio and visual equipment, and they will be able to troubleshoot and support all equipment should a problem arise.

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