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With a superstar lineup of IT professionals, ex-FBI, former military and police personnel, you can trust that our forensic team has the skill set and background to conquer even the most complex collection.


Fortz Legal understands that every case is unique, therefore we work with you to understand the issues at hand and create a custom discovery protocol. Our experts have written many ESI protocols that have been adopted by several federal courts across the country. We have testified and been appointed as “special master” on several occasions, and the best part is, our “experts” actually speak in “plain english.”​

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ESI Protocol Creation
  • Our seasoned E-Discovery expert is skilled at customizing ESI protocol stipulations for parties to enter into. They can review, edit, and make recommendations if any revisions are necessary. 

Data Collection
  • We can image smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, and servers for one flat fee per device.

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Data Processing
  • We collect data to produce meaningful information relating to cases presented by our clients.

Data Hosting
  • We process, filter, and host all case data through Relativity and assist with managed review.

Affidavits & Testimony
  • Our data analyst can provide testimonies and affidavits to verify the legitimacy of a claim.

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