Struggling with Exhibits During a Remote Deposition? An Exhibit Index Can Help!

Updated: Feb 19

Since late March 2020, about 95% of the depositions we have provided court reporting services for have been facilitated through remote means. While Zoom and other video conferencing platforms are not new to the world of depositions, these proceedings were conducted much differently than they are today. Typically, the court reporter would be with the witness and the scheduling attorney would provide the reporter with the exhibits to present to the witness.

Additionally, when conducting a deposition in person, the taking attorney will traditionally print out the potential exhibits, put them in a binder or bankers’ box, bring them to the deposition and pull-out documents as they are being referenced. The court reporter is responsible for marking the exhibits and keeping track of whatever documents exist in that banker’s box that were not utilized. These documents would then get brought back to the office without anyone else ever knowing which potential exhibits were not used.

However, in our remote environment today, things have to operate much differently. With the necessity of social distancing, it is now normal to see that all remote deposition participants are in separa