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The Trial Bubble is About to Burst

In late March of 2020, the litigation community, like many other businesses, came to a screeching halt. As a service provider for both trial support and court reporting services, we spent these first few months campaigning that remote depositions were a great option to counteract the restrictions of the pandemic. We embraced the inevitable change and put our creative minds together to come up with an amazing solution for conducting remote depositions. It did not take long for the legal community to see remote depositions as a viable option to keep their cases moving forward and now our court reporting services are as busy as ever.

Yet, even though our world has become increasingly more remote, not all legal proceedings seem quite as tangible in a remote setting. Trial dockets in civil cases have been continually pushed back, prompting many cases to settle. However, there are always cases that cannot reach resolution without a trial!

While some Judges across the country have participated in remote bench trials, there has been much reluctancy to host a jury trial that is completely remote. We can certainly understand the hesitation to conduct a jury trial in this fashion. Yet, our creativity and preparedness in this new remote environment gives us confidence that we will be ready for the day – in the not-so-distant future – when remote jury trials are the new normal. At Fortz Legal, we know that the show must go on and, when it does, will you be ready?

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